Dr Rami Khalil

Dr Rami Khalil is a graduate of the University of Liverpool Medical school. He has worked as an NHS Doctor in the North Central Thames deanery as well as travelling overseas to provide medical aid at various refugee camps worldwide.

He is an experienced aesthetic practitioner who holds a certification in basic, advanced and even masterclass techniques. After completing his training he began providing successful mobile aesthetic services and has generated a large following of clients particularly in Essex and East London.

Dr Rami has been a key contributor to Derma Medical from our origins as a clinical coordinator and teaching assistant. He functions as a designated medical prescriber for non-prescriber delegates and utilises his experience and friendly nature to ensure that all our delegates and models have the best training experience every time.

Dr Rami Khalil

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Dr Rami Khalil’s Pricelist

At Derma Medical, we look at the whole face rather than one area. That is why most of our treatments are combined packages as that brings out the best results, facial discrepancies can be avoided, and packages come with a discount.

Facial Filler Treatments

Lip Fillers

0.5ml – £250

1ml – £325

1.5ml – £425

2ml – £525

1ml with Juvederm Volift/Volbella – £400

Dissolving Lip Filler – £200

Cheek Fillers

£325 per 1ml

Hand Fillers


Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Frown, Forehead, Crows Feet;

1 area – £175

2 areas – £275

3 areas – £375


Brow Lift£175


Jawline Slimming£375


Neck Lift£395


Gummy Smile£175


Down-turned Corners of Mouth£175


Pebbled Chin£175


Excessive Sweating Treatment (Underarms / Hands / Feet) – £450

Derma Medical Signature Packages

The Mini Facelift

3 Areas anti-wrinkle and 2 Syringes of Filler

Package Price £950

Derma No Knife Facelift

3 Areas anti-wrinkle, Cheek Filler (1ml or 2ml), Nose to Mouth Lines, Marionettes

Package Price 1ml £1,325
Package Price 2ml £1,650

Derma Perioral Sculpting

Lip Enhancement OR Smokers Lines
Nasolabial Folds

Package price £975

Derma Contour

Cheekbone Filler (1ml or 2ml)
Jawline Slimming/ Filler, Chin Sculpting

Package Price 1ml £975
Package Price 2ml £1,300

Derma Smile

Gummy Smile Treatment, Lip Filler

Package Price £450

Derma Enhance/Jawline

Chin Sculpting and Jawline Slimming/ Filler

Package price £670

Derma Kylie Jenner

1. Cheekbone Filler (1ml), Lip Filler, Jawline Slimming / Filler, Chin Sculpting
2. Cheekbone Filler (2ml), Lip Filler, Jawline Slimming/filler

Package Price £1,325
Add Brow Lift for £100

Derma Profile Balancing

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty,
Chin Sculpting:

Package price £745

Derma Eyelift

Under Eye / Tear Trough Filler, Crows Feet OR Frown/Brow Lift

Package price £550

Under Eye / Tear Trough Filler, Crows Feet AND Frown/brow lift

Package price £650

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