The Perfect Lips: Art or Science?

Kylie Jenner famously soared the popularity of lip fillers by over 70% in 2015 when opening about her treatment with dermal fillers.

We have since continued our search for the perfect lips both as injectors and patients. However, with time we have continued to see various trends taking over from “Russian Lips” to “Lip Taping” more recently.
We have ended up with healthcare professionals choosing taking sides over the superiority of their techniques more staunchly than political parties would.

Aesthetic Medicine puts us in a unique position where we have the opportunity to be academic and look after our patients physical and mental health but also artists who help with not only correctly injecting and beautifying our patients, but also very importantly in guiding them to the correct treatment plan for them.

“The Perfect Lips” are indeed more about facial harmony than a particular geometric shape that needs to forced together with steri-strips.
In the hunt for the best injection technique, we have made more errors in neglecting looking at how the lips can harmonise the face.

It is for this reason we find such great satisfaction from our Lip Masterclass. The goal is not to pick sides but to have the academic knowledge of a variety of techniques that can predictably help us inject all lip shapes and sizes but then also to have the artistic understanding of picking the right techniques for our patients.

We therefore aim to treat the lips not based on a cookie cutter approach to match a celebrity but by correctly balancing the lips to match the facial shape in both length and projection.
It is therefore with great pride, we are able to serve injectors treat patients with both the knowledge and the artistic eye that will serve patients with grace.


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